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Therapy Services

Allow us to be there for you.

In-person and Telehealth appointments available.

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Individual Therapy

It is not easy to admit you need help, but we all go through periods where we need extra support, and here's the truth, it's ok to ask for help, it actually takes a lot of courage to do so.  Unfortunately stigma still exists around mental health and participating in treatment, yet we all should be striving for good mental health, whether or not we have a diagnosable condition. Taking care of our emotional health is necessary and essential to being able to navigate life's challenges, and seeing a therapist should be as acceptable as going to the doctor for a check-up.  Therapy is centered around you and your goals, we are committed to creating a space where you can share all parts of yourself and work towards living your best life.  We have experience working those who suffer from depression, anxiety, codependency, suicidality, self-harm, grief/loss, PTSD and more.  We invite you to take the first step towards prioritizing your mental health by calling today for a free phone consultation.

Teen Therapy

The stressors affecting teens these days are complex and numerous, it is not easy to deal with the evolving social pressures and information overload that comes with having a device always connected to their school in their pocket.  Teens need a safe space to be heard, validated and supported.  The reality is, most teens will talk to their friends before talking to an adult, however, if your teen has a therapist they trust, you can rest easy knowing they are getting more accurate and helpful support and information.  We strive to create a healthy balance between providing a confidential space for your teen to express themselves and keeping parents updated about things they need to know.

Therapy for Women

As humans we are wired for social connections, it helps us thrive, but as women, we tend to place our relationships above our own self. When you do this continuously for years, at some point things start to fall apart, you may begin to feel unhappy, dissatisfied, lost, misunderstood, alone, insecure and even annoyed at others for not noticing your pain. There are many unintended consequences of not allowing our needs to be met.  At Sonoma Valley Family Therapy we can assist you on your path to fix this and find your voice again.  We can help you create more meaningful, genuine and satisfying relationships.  We will listen and support you through your journey, we know how hard it is to be vulnerable and we are honored each time someone shares their story and invites us into their life.  We are here to help you navigate the process of achieving your goals and make sure you tap into all of your unique gifts.

Family Therapy

Families are where we learn the most about how to navigate the world, but we often get stuck in negative interaction loops and can't find our way out.  At Sonoma Valley Family Therapy, each members' needs and perspectives are given the space to be heard and valued.  We will help you explore the different roles, implicit rules and systems within your family to determine what changes are needed to get things things functioning in a healthy way. Let us help you uncover new ways of communicating and interacting with your family members so you can finally have the fulfilling relationships you've always wanted.

Couples Therapy

Couples typically bring with them differing love languages and communication styles that can lead to cycles of miscommunication and disconnection.  We each come with our own unique relationship experiences and expectations that affect how we respond to one another.  Let us help you slow things down, break down your needs, and start learning each other's language.  Often we stop listening and start assuming, so let us help you get to the root of your conflicts so that you can begin to repair past hurts and create new healthy patterns.

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Other Services

Services: Services

Mental Health Presentations & Trainings

We are available to able to offer presentations or serve on panels on a variety of topics, including but not limited to;  anxiety, depression, empathetic distress, work life balance, self-care, wellness, handling a mental health crisis, and how parents can better support their kid’s mental health. Vicky is also specifically trained in an evidenced based suicide prevention training called Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR). Contact us for more information and details.

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