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Summer 2024 Groups

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Caregiver Support Group

8 Week In-Person Group, 10:30am-11:30am.   

$45 per group or $320 upfront. (Limited Partnership/Medi-Cal Slots available).

This is a group centered around the caregiving experience and coming together as a community to support and learn from one another. This group is for adults who are the primary caregivers for family members/loved ones with high medical needs, chronic conditions, cognitive impairment and/or disabilities. Caregiving can be demanding not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, our goal is to help you lessen some of that strain. We believe the only way that you can effectively take care of others, is if you take good care of yourself first. In this group, you’ll be able to develop strategies to better care of yourself while understanding the impact of that on those around you. Here you will learn what this looks like in a practical sense and learn how to implement simple ways to take time for yourself throughout the day.

Conscious Dating 101

8 Week In-Person Group.

Tuesday's 5pm-6pm. 

$45 per week or $320 upfront.

This group focuses on conscious dating practices and is for adults in their 20's/30's/40's who are hoping to get more out of their dating life and to achieve their relationship goals. We will help you clarify what you are looking for in a partner and understand not only the role that you play in a relationship, but also the role you look to have your partner assume. Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll learn more about yourself, your needs, and how you can best show up for others in romantic relationships. We will help you identify the things you value, what are deal breakers, and everything in-between. We’ll go over strategies that will help increase self-confidence, communication skills, and other key parts that contribute to building healthy relationships.

Elementary Wellness Workshops at Boys & Girls Club

In-Person at Maxwell on Tuesday afternoons and Flowery on Wednesday afternoons. Begin June 10th. Free for Boys & Girls Club Members.

These stand alone workshops are for elementary aged kids to learn the importance of self-care, effective communication and how to use mindfulness and other tools to manage your emotions.

Teen Wellness Groups @ Teen Services Center

6 -Week In-Person Group, 11am-12pm, June 26th-July 31st. Free for Boys & Girls Club members.

This is a group for teens to learn how to holistically take care of your mental health. Learn more about coping skills and how to maintain healthy habits.  Learn how to regulate your emotions and build your self-confidence.

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