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CAMFT Candidate
for  2022-2023

Victoria Rohrer, LMFT110700

I am thrilled to be running for the CAMFT Clinical Director-At-Large position and I would love your support.  From the moment I discovered psychology, I have been endlessly curious and eager to learn more.  I am fascinated by the complexity of the world we live in and greatly value being able to learn through education, advocacy, listening, dialogue, and experience. 

I have worked as a therapist in different settings, from public and non-public schools, to county mental health and private practice.  I have been lucky enough to be a part of a cohesive team of therapists who served youth in collaboration with caregivers, schools and their relevant providers and partners.  I have seen the power in working together through crisis to provide support and to foster change.  Above all, I value integrity, honesty, kindness, openness and collaboration.  I do my best to embody these values in all of my roles, from therapist to family member to pet parent.

Being in CAMFT Leadership would be an extraordinary opportunity and if selected, I vow not to take your support for granted and to work hard to remain deserving of the position.  I love being a therapist and being a part of this community.  I relish any opportunity to collaborate with other therapists and to share ideas and resources.  I have worked to create a supportive network now that I am in private practice.  Our systems should not be run in isolation, just as we, as individuals, cannot thrive in isolation.  We need to make sure all MFTs and AMFTs have access to CAMFT.  I also want make sure we are in conversation and collaboration with other types of mental health and healthcare providers.

I am committed to continuing to learn, listen and evolve as needed, I’m not afraid to admit that I have learned more from my “mistakes” than from staying within the realm of what’s comfortable.   I am passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health and being a part of CAMFT which would allow me a bigger platform to advocate for the priorities I believe in.  If elected, my priorities would include:  ensuring CAMFT memberships and trainings are accessible to all; continuing to advocate for MFTs as Medicare providers; advocating for mental health equity and appropriate compensation from insurance companies; promoting a universal MFT license; and permanent telehealth coverage.  I appreciate your time and consideration and would love to have your vote.

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